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Erectile dysfunction is a problem where man has the inability to develop erection of the penis during sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. It is commonly found in the older age group.

Erectile dysfunction earlier 16th and 17th century was a crime however now it is curable. Some people have the problem to speak out with doctors about sex. But there is no such problem you sold talk to your doctors and get a Correct Suggestion Regarding ED. It is also a not a good sign for health. If you don’t have proper sex it may cause many health issue and stressful life.  Nowadays some tests are done to confirm the disease. As due to ED many relationships have been broken. Being a guy, it’s difficult to maintain all expectation of life. So don’t feel shy and talk to doctors.

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It can cause due to many reasons some of the important cause are Aging, hormonal insufficiencies, diseases like diabetes, neurological problems, drug side effects and also having strong smoking habits. Even Kidney failure can also a reason for erectile dysfunction. Sometimes it also caused due to obesity or of not having the proper diet.

The basic symptoms of this impotence are to get a proper and regular erection of penis while sexual activity. There can be two different kind of impotence that is whether the person ever gets erectile or never. It means whether the person gets the erectile problem sometimes or has never get erectile. If a person never gets erectile it can be physiological and if it is sometimes it can be physiological or psychological.

when you see something, feel, smell, hear, or you think makes your nerves send the chemical message to blood vessels in the penis, at the same time the arteries relax and open up for more blood flow in the penis and at the same time veins close up. Once the blood goes inside the penis a lead to a secretion of nitro oxide which causes relaxation of smooth muscles of tissue in the penis which caused to erectile of the penis. Hence erectile dysfunction can be developed due to hormonal deficiency, lack of blood flow or any psychological problems.

There are many ways how you can avoid such problem. Regular weight check, manage your blood pressure, having the proper diet, cut down of high cholesterol, get diabetes under control, quitting smoking habit, skip habit of drugs, get regular exercise, manage stress, be proactive. These are the common ways how you can avoid ED. As this commonly found in the managed above 35 years.

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This problem is durable but again depend on the cause of the disease. Exercise and medication can be done to improve the problem. Vacuum erection devices are found in the market along with that injection of drugs or penile implants can be done for impotence treatment. Alternative medicine like VIGRX PLUS is available in the market which will able to help to overcome such problem and they are chemically tested and made from herbal with a guaranteed with no VigRx Plus Side Effects. But still, you can take doctor advice for it.

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