Order Now Male Enhancement Products Online

Order Now Male Enhancement Products

There are so many supplements which form a part of over the counter Male Enhancement Products, which are herbal and made up of natural minerals. Semenax is one such product among them. it is a natural based medicine which has helped so many men in need.

Penis enhancement methods

Semenax, as the name already suggests, is related to semen. Semen, as we all know, is that product which is generated and discharged from men after completion of a sexual activity. It is the climax of intercourse. Semenax is nothing but a semen volume enhancer. It helps men to increase the volume of their semen. While ejaculation, we all know that the volume of semen should be a decent one so that the whole course can be termed as a great one. Semenax gives a boost to the development of semen during ejaculation. And since, the volume is boosted, your orgasmic muscles are forced to develop and contract length, faster and with an increased intensity when the time comes to discharge your loads.

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As VigRx Plus, Semenax also has some very loyal customers who have used this product and found it beneficial and effective. They have all the positive stories of them which they have shared over the internet. Along with the already loyal customers, 70% of them are regular users of Semenax. It is all because of the Benefits of VigRx Plus has to offer which convinced their customers to buy it again and again. You need to try it for yourself to see a change in your performance and find out why this product has so many repeat customers.

Again, since it is a Male Enhancement Pills, anybody over and above the age of 21 can buy it. However, it is more popular among men in the age of 30-40. This is because men of this age tend to lose their muscle strength and health a bit. They need a booster for them to make them improve their reproductive system. Moreover, men of this age are usually focussed on family planning. And, a good volume of semen is what they need for this. It is because of this reason why Semenax is popular among them. but, surprisingly, it is more common among the age of 90+ than that of the twenties.Get Penis Enlargement Pills online with VigRx Plus Discount Coupon Code.

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Any product that turns you on, boosts your energy, gives you more power to perform great in bed, gives you the sex drive which you need while encountering a sexual activity is always welcome by men. They want such products in their lives. They always want to have a satisfying sex with their partners. And if something very obviously increasing the power and the motive of ejaculation is available in the market, then why will men still be deprived of happiness. It is because of this reason why most of the men buy such supplements, and Semenex being the king product for a great climax, is extremely popular among them.

Everybody wants a great climax because it only after the climax when you can quote that you had a great sex. The pleasure of getting in this activity also increases. And so, men don’t think much before buying such products. Also, when you don’t require a doctor’s prescription then what to wait for. Just go and Buy VigRx Plus Online.


Vigrx Plus Real Review and Results 2017

Vigrx Plus Real Review and Results 2017

Vigrx plus is Man Enhancement Pills. It is found in pills as well as in oil form. It helps a man who is having a problem with erectile dysfunction short penis or premature ejaculation. Vigrx Plus is made with herbal ingredients and the ingredients which are used in the product will definitely help you to overcome such problem. Vigrx plus is recommended to Order VigRx Plus from its online site as the seller who sells in chemist shop are may not be original. They also order the product form its site and then sell it in market instead of original product they can provide you the fake product not only this but ordering from direct site may give you good offer but when you buy from seller may charge high then its original values as there are many wholesaler prices is also added in the product.

Perfect solutions to Enlarge your penis

Many man don’t have courage and strength to share their internal problem with others. They feel ashamed and embarrassed to share the things because of which they stay quiet. You don’t have to worry share the things with the most trusted person or with your family doctor or a health consultant. But being quiet is not the resolution. It is totally acceptable in society.

It is very common and can be happen to anyone anytime. Sexual satisfaction is what all man and woman want in their life. It is also equally important for a relationship. It surveyed in US that many a relationship is not succeeding or fails due to not having sexual satisfaction. Be it man be it woman both need good and enjoyable sex. If your partner is not satisfied or is complaining on your penis size please don’t wait for being it for big issue. It is the correct time to go for a treatment. Do you hear about Penis Enlargement Pills nowadays it is doing very good in the worldwide market? It is doing very good. Doctors and specialist has examined the product and claimed there is no dangerous side effects. Even every man can use the product at any age. Vigrx plus is not a short-term treatment for these men problem but it will help you to solve for the lifetime.

original vigrx plus pills

After using of Vigrx Plus Pills you will able to see the changes for 1 week of its use and you have to use it by 2pills a day and for 3 or more months and you will able to see your problem has been resolved for lifelong. Then you don’t have to feel guilty and shame for having erectile dysfunction or short penis.

You can open Vigrx Plus site and you will come to know the reviews here and they all are true none of them are fake. The person who has used the product are very happy and suggest other to use the same. They all found it good and beneficial. It is very cheap and everyone can afford Male Enhancement Pills. So, enjoy your sex life to the fullest and make your partner happy and satisfied. Have happy and successful relationship.


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VigRx Plus, as we all know is nowadays the most talked and hyped topic all over the internet. There are so many people talking and writing about it. People have so much to say. Men who have used it have shared their stories via blogs and they are trying to tell the world how useful the pill is. There are even doctors who have used it and even they Vigrx Plus Doctor Recommended it to their patients. The internet is flooded with its reviews, questions answers, blogs and other such articles.

Why so much hype? We all know that sex is something which is not just a thing to happen or something which couples have just for the sake of having it. It is a very sacred and very important thing in their life. A kit is something without which, the bond between the two tends to lose. It is indeed talked about a lot everywhere. So, having a great and successful sex life is very important for any individual.

Vigrx Plus is a most popular Male Enhancement Supplement available in Discounts Coupon Code, check our promotions and VigRx Plus Discounts Offer today.

We also know that there are men who are not happy with their sex life. The reasons are many. It might be because of the lack of feelings in one or both the partners, lack of time they get to spend together, lack of understanding and lack of knowledge of how to have great sex. All these problems have their own solutions. They can be worked upon.

The most important reason that we will be talking about is erectile dysfunction in men, also in a lame language known as impotence. This means that men are not able to erect. They are unable to get a strong, hard and long-lasting erection while having sex with their partners. This does not make their partner happy. It is something which girls want to belong. And, men who suffer from this dysfunction are not happy.

This problem becomes a reason for so many issues in a relationship. The partners are not happy, they tend to get irritated very soon, they don’t feel like talking and sorting things out with each other, they fight a lot, the level of understanding goes down and the quality of their relationship degrades. These are some problems which cannot be ignored.

genuine vigrx plus pills

Thanks to VigRx Plus. VigRx Plus has come as a boon in the lives of men suffering from erectile dysfunction. This tablet is world’s number one formula for male enhancement. People have used it and have accepted that it works; it really does work. It gives what it has promised to give. It improves the sex life of men. It helps them to have their desired erection while having sex with their partners.

It keeps the erection strong, hard and long-lasting. This solves almost all the problems present in a relationship. There are blogs and articles present on the internet which contains stories from all over the world from men who have used it. They have all the positive things to say. The pill actually has worked for them. It has given them what they wanted.


Erectile Dysfunction Reviews Online

Erectile Dysfunction Reviews

A man is considered to have erectile dysfunction if he regularly finds difficulty in getting or keeping a firm enough erection to be able to have sex or if interferes any kind of sexual activity. Most of the man occasionally experienced the difficulty in getting erection and penis don’t get hard or staying firm. If the difficulty you are facing is occasionally than it is fine no need to worry. But if the difficulty increases and gets the issue on a regular basis then you need to consult with a doctor. It can be an embarrassing issue but without any doctor prescription, you should not take any kind of herbal pills or any drugs treatment.

Erectile Dysfunction is getting difficulty in getting or achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient to have sex. Causes can be usually medical as well as psychological. Organic causes are usually the result of an underlying medical condition affecting the blood vessels or nerves supplying the penis. Numerous prescription drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, and smoking can cause ED.

Many are not aware of the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. To get more knowledge you can refer to internet, book or consult to doctor. The common symptoms of ED which all men should know are inability to get a proper erection while having intercourse with a partner. However, ED can happen to anyone. But it is common in older age group. It not only includes only the erection problem but also man have problem like the small size of penile, getting an erection but not able to hold it for a long time, some have emotional symptoms such as relationship stress, embarrassment, shame, anxiety, and reduced interest in sexual intercourse. It is found occasionally than it is natural but if occasionally if it makes on regular basis must contact a health advisor. This condition may appear in different ways. It may develop persistently and gradually or it may be temporary and may appear once in a while.

It is vary from person to person still the common symptoms found in men are Difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection occurring at least once in every four times of attempting sexual intercourse, or persisting for more than one month. Achieving an erection taking than longer than usual it becoming more difficult while having a certain position. Sexual erection is becoming weaker or rigid. Morning erection is more difficult they are less frequent and less rigid. Climaxing or ejaculating is more rapidly or you can say without completing erection.

However, this is curable. In the market there are Men’s Enhancement Pills are available which helps a man to get the sexual desire and satisfy their partner. Sexual desire plays a very important role in having a successful relationship. So, it’s wise to consult a health advisor get all the test suggested by a doctor as if you are facing any kind of another health issue than you cannot go for enhancement pills or any drugs treatment as this will affect to your health and may not give the very good result.


Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Cures

Many a person who is suffering from the diseases called erectile dysfunction feel shy and embarrassed to talk to any health consultant or to any person. If you don’t speak it will not help you to overcome the problem and you will not able to enjoy the beautiful natural process of your sexual desire. If you are suffering from the diseases of erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is also known by the named called impotence. The word impotence itself sounding negative and saying no, not able to. Yes, in this disorder man is not able to satisfy his partner by providing healthy and complete sexual performance.

This can happen to any man at any point in time. Every man suffers this disorder at a certain point in time. It is basically very normal in the man who is above 50years as they became weak because of which their body function also gets weak. But this is not a normal. You can enjoy the performance till you want.

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Treatments are not same for all as because everyone is not same so all must not have the same kind of disorder. It effects due to several reasons so without consulting don’t go for any kind of remedies. It will not only harm your body but also not help you to get the best result. For sure if you go for the correct treatment you will get the best result and enjoy the sexual pleasure again in your life. Most of the common treatment are listed below:

Drug Treatments:

Most of the men take a group of drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors. Most of the pills are taken before 30 to 60 minutes before having sex. The most common pills are Viagra. These will help you to give sexual satisfaction to your partner but at the same time, it has some kind of side effects such as indigestion, headache, flushing, visual abnormalities. One of the less common drugs is prostaglandin E1, which is applied locally by injecting it into the penis or inserting it down the opening of the urethra.

Vacuum device:

Vacuum devices are good for the person who are not getting erection and don want to continue with the drug or cannot go for drugs treatment or finding they are not working.

Surgical treatment:

There are several surgical treatments option-

Penile implants: these are final treatment reserved for a man who has not had any success with drug treatment and other non-invasive options.

Vascular surgery: Another surgical option for men is vascular surgery, which attempts to correct some blood vessel causes ED.

Herbal pills or alternative treatments:

It is also possible to buy the product online over the internet. One of the very good product is Vigrx Plus and this is used for 3 months. It will show the result on a slow basis. Some of them will get the result in a very first month but some will take time. You can order the product from its online site they will provide you money back guarantee of 60days if you are not satisfied. But it is not good for health if it is taken without consulting doctor.


Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Natural Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Earlier it was difficult to have knowledge regarding the issue like Erectile Dysfunction or anything problem related to sexual health. Man, who used to feel shy and embarrassed talking about this disorder or the person who was not aware of the symptoms and causes of the disorder was having very less sexual performance and they accept it as a natural phenomenon of growing age. It is mostly found in older age but now a day it is easy there is a resource like as internet, passes stories in the book, doctors, many health advisors who can help you to get such problem. Just you need to don’t feel shy and talk to them with whom you are comfortable if not then at least you can have a better idea with the help of internet.

Order Vigrx Plus Pills

Still having so many resources many people are worried whether this is curable or not, how it affects your daily life or what precaution you need to take to control such problems. To answer to all such your question, I can just say it better to have researched online about the disorder. However, this is curable. In this a man inability to obtain an erection of the penile to have a satisfactory sexual performance due to the weakness of penile. This disorder is named as erectile dysfunction it is also known as Impotence. Erectile Dysfunction can be caused due to excess of drinking, the habit of smoking, intake of illicit drugs, obesity, relationship stress. It can also have caused due to health issues like kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

vigrx plus penis enlargement pills

Erectile dysfunction can be of two kind one is permanent where a man never gets an erection or the other sometimes that is the man get an erection for sometimes and sometimes they don’t. If a person is stressed or not in a mood to have the sexual performance than it is normal but it is seen on a daily basis than you must take a health advice. As it is sure that nothing can be more frustrating than having a mood to do an intercourse but due to the weakness of the penile not able to enjoy the togetherness. Erectile dysfunction plays a vital role in playing relationship failure.

genuine vigrx plus pills

In the market you will get many kinds of solution to overcome from such disorder you can have penile transplantation but this is only done when your doctor your health condition is not as such to take any other treatment. The other treatment by having man enhancement pills. As these pills are very safe and can be taken by doctor prescription. One of Best Man Enhancement Pill is vigrx plus. This is made with natural substance so it not just helps man to have a sexual pleasure but also it increases the stamina in your body and helps to get the confidence to give better satisfaction to your partner while having the performance. Buy VigRx Plus Online as well as offline stores. If you are buying it online then it will help you in giving a better result. Again, intake of this medicine will result in the body varies from one another.


VigRX Plus Customer Reviews and Results

VigRX Plus Customer Reviews and Results

When a people first experience the problem like Erectile dysfunction they feel embraced and not comfortable with getting the correct treatment to overcome such problem. Getting no an erection is not a crime what you have to hide from the society they will not sue you or hang you until death. Our body works as the machine if any of the parts are not working properly in the machine doesn’t mean it is scrap and you will throw it out but obviously, you will first go to a mechanic and try to fix the problem. Same with our body if you are getting any problem go to a doctor and get a correct treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem in male organ due to which they don’t get a proper erection and inability to control the ejaculation. ED is also known by the name of impotence. This function is happening when your brain sends the message to your nerves to start the blood flow in the body and nerve start the blood flow it also fills the chamber of a penis and this is how it gets erect, this is why I mention our body work same like a machine. If you are not getting the proper erection than you must consult a doctor. As this is curable if you get correct treatment in time then you can overcome the problem and again can enjoy the sexual activity with your partner and same both of you will have sexual satisfaction. Vigrx Plus is a most popular Male Enhancement Supplement available at Affordable Cost.

Impotence is a very common male disorder and you can overcome the problem very easily. First of all, it is necessary to know why it is happening. Sometimes the problem is for the temporary basis and you get the issue some time may be because of emotion and relationship problems. This can be fixed by your own managing by the relationship status quickly as possible. Get the best VigRX Plus Discounts Coupon Code, check our promotions and discounts

If a person has never got the erection before he must consult a doctor and use a vacuum pump to get an erection it is safe and easy to use and also it is effective along with that you have to change a little bit of your lifestyle that is avoiding strong smoking habit or having intake of drugs avoiding alcohol. Doing 30 min exercise to overcome the problems of obesity.

Obesity is also a reason for impotence. In the market, there are also men enhancement pills are available you can use those supplements to overcome the symptoms of a disorder. One of the very Best Enhancement Pills is VIGRX Plus as it is available online as well as offline. As this a chemically tested and proved these are effective and not harmful. They don’t have any kind of side effects. It’s better to order these pills from its store as if you get the original product then only it will be helpful. If you get the fake product you will not get that result and may also get the VigRx Plus Side Effects.

The other things are if you have any kind of problem like Diabetes, kidney failure than you must consult a doctor and get correct treatment than don’t use this Men’s Enhancement Pills without doctor advice may be doctor advice penile implant as in this case doctor advise to take penile implant. And these are safe and helpful.


VigRx Plus Male Enhancement Product Online

VigRx Plus Male Enhancement Product

Vigrx plus is well known Male Enhancement Pills. Most of the person who used the product are now having a improve sexual performance. A lot of men having a query related to the safety of the product. Well for this you can serve online there you will get many success stories and those are not fake. So if you are curious to know more about the product you can search online. You will find how they gain a lot from the use of the product and without any side effects.


Vigrx plus is indeed Best Male Enhancement Pills. It can be used by any age group of men. It is chemically tested and clinically studied that it is very efficient. Many a time doctor and agencies had studied the product and certified this is one of the best product to use for Male Enhancement Supplement used by man.

Vigrx plus formula is produced by using all naturals ingredients like:

  • Bioperine
  • Damiana
  • Epimedium Leaf Extract 
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Saw palmetto berry
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract

The safety of the product is seen in the ingredients available in the product. It doesn’t contain any kind of harmful ingredients that may cause side effects. Many a time it is tested and found there are no side effects of a headache, dizziness, indigestion, blurred eyes, or any kind of body pain. It is chemically tested and certified that all kind of management can be used the product and it will harm neither to him nor to its partner. So, for sure man can use the supplements to use to boost themselves for better sexual life.

Indeed, Vigrx plus is one of the Best Male Enhancement Product, if a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction than this is the best product to use and recover from the problem. To make best of the product you can buy the product from vigrx plus store so that you can get the original product and get 100% Benefit of VigRx Plus Product or take from the dealer who sells Trusted Male Enhancement Pills. Many times it happens dealer provide a duplicate product and charged high for the official site. This will not give you a good result.

At the same time, consulting doctor is always advised to the person who is interested to take the man enhancement pills especially to the person who have any kind of health problems or also taking any kind of medications. Also, you should always read the vigrx plus dosage and guidance before using a new bottle as the manufacturer always use a new formula again and again to better the product. Get the best VigRX Plus Coupon Code, check our promotions and discounts

Taking one capsule is recommended, this way you can be used the product for 3,4 or more months. For better result, you have to douse the product for 4 months. If not getting any kind of benefit after using of 60 days you can claim for money back if you order from the official site. They give a money back guarantee. So use Vigrx Plus Supplement and stay happy enjoy lovemaking better and for a long time.


Buy Genuine VigRX Plus products Online

Buy VigRX Plus products online

Erectile dysfunction is a problem where man has the inability to develop erection of the penis during sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is also known as impotence. It is commonly found in the older age group.

Erectile dysfunction earlier 16th and 17th century was a crime however now it is curable. Some people have the problem to speak out with doctors about sex. But there is no such problem you sold talk to your doctors and get a Correct Suggestion Regarding ED. It is also a not a good sign for health. If you don’t have proper sex it may cause many health issue and stressful life.  Nowadays some tests are done to confirm the disease. As due to ED many relationships have been broken. Being a guy, it’s difficult to maintain all expectation of life. So don’t feel shy and talk to doctors.

vigrx plus penis enlargement pills

It can cause due to many reasons some of the important cause are Aging, hormonal insufficiencies, diseases like diabetes, neurological problems, drug side effects and also having strong smoking habits. Even Kidney failure can also a reason for erectile dysfunction. Sometimes it also caused due to obesity or of not having the proper diet.

The basic symptoms of this impotence are to get a proper and regular erection of penis while sexual activity. There can be two different kind of impotence that is whether the person ever gets erectile or never. It means whether the person gets the erectile problem sometimes or has never get erectile. If a person never gets erectile it can be physiological and if it is sometimes it can be physiological or psychological.

when you see something, feel, smell, hear, or you think makes your nerves send the chemical message to blood vessels in the penis, at the same time the arteries relax and open up for more blood flow in the penis and at the same time veins close up. Once the blood goes inside the penis a lead to a secretion of nitro oxide which causes relaxation of smooth muscles of tissue in the penis which caused to erectile of the penis. Hence erectile dysfunction can be developed due to hormonal deficiency, lack of blood flow or any psychological problems.

There are many ways how you can avoid such problem. Regular weight check, manage your blood pressure, having the proper diet, cut down of high cholesterol, get diabetes under control, quitting smoking habit, skip habit of drugs, get regular exercise, manage stress, be proactive. These are the common ways how you can avoid ED. As this commonly found in the managed above 35 years.

vigrx plus pill

This problem is durable but again depend on the cause of the disease. Exercise and medication can be done to improve the problem. Vacuum erection devices are found in the market along with that injection of drugs or penile implants can be done for impotence treatment. Alternative medicine like VIGRX PLUS is available in the market which will able to help to overcome such problem and they are chemically tested and made from herbal with a guaranteed with no VigRx Plus Side Effects. But still, you can take doctor advice for it.

Here you can Buy Genuine VigRX Plus or easily buy pills


Vigrx Plus Reviews 2017

Vigrx Plus Reviews 2017

There are several of additional Penis Enlargement Products associated with pills of enlarging out there nowadays, Vigrx Plus Pills is the greatest than should check in your case. Design your wife pleased and smile, you ought to test Vigrx Plus Male Enhancement Pills. To host your lovemaking relation well, require back this higher male item of improvement.

To Increase Sexual Performance so that you can improve your size penile, you must employ Vigrx Plus Erection Pills with the pills. Why should a person suffers quietly relating to your tiny penis?

How Vigrx Plus Works?

Vigrx Plus around the pills will raise the-the circulation of blood to your penis making it tougher, and larger. There is a lovemaking order provided that you want simply because this medication also improves your lovemaking exercise.


You’ll not purchase the problem following utilization of him or her for a while operate. We prepared to convey for a run is mainly because individual men prefer to maintaining this after they achieve the dimension that are looking. They need always to employ it to Improve Sexual Stamina as well as execution sexual. Many guys are afraid which without using it, they will loosen the consequence.

Imagine you are in a health insurance personal care center, in both individuals or even online, browsing the Male Enhancement Products guaranteeing to assist enhance lovemaking functioning as well as fulfillment. There’s a large number of products, as well as all the dietary supplements accessible, many help to make remarkable claims regarding their efficacy. It would be nice to utilize the one Best Male Enhancement Tablet accessible -but discerning that deserves the actual name is tough, and might include harsh or dangerous chemicals too; an increased price to pay ultimately.

Vigrx Plus Results

The information proved which more than 50% women accepted that the size penile males is not large and adequate. Almost all women dream of bigger as well as lengthier size male organ. In the least events, now there is a remedy which means you fill your associate ‘dream with S. the pills of Male Enhancer will never raise your dimensions virility for biggest and larger pencils you want in your life. The small bone penile makes the penis little, and brief.

vigrx plus results

An herbal alternative seems like a good wager, as well as Natural Vigrx Plus is the most attractive natural choice. Before making the decision to purchase the product, you’ll probably request, “does Vigrx Plus work?” The issue, “do Vigrx tablets work?” frequently happens when potential users consider the product, and also the response is a resounding “yes.” Although the selling point of Natural Health Items might often be met along with disbelief regarding efficacy, the initial and robust formula found in Vigrx Plus Pills is able to deliver both instant as well as long-term effects with regard to enhancing erectile function, preventing rapid ejaculation, as well as contributing to sex drive and orgasm strength, producing a much better sex with each and every encounter.

Vigrx Plus Reviews | Vigrx Plus Reviews 2015

Vigrx Plus Reviews Online will help the people to read more about the item. We have been normal man pills associated with an enhancement that improve the dimension male organ men harder and greater. You will get the scale and magnificence that you may dream of. In case, you concur of one’s wife along with ‘glance associated with S whenever she views this. She’ll be astonished and impressed by it. Each woman likes fat as well as long types.

Constantly, there are plenty of medications out there the same as The Male Enhancement Pills, which assisted many gentlemen to surmount the Impotence problems. These drugs are frequently composed of stearate associated with magnesium nutrient, croscarmellose, hydrogen phosphate associated with a calcium supplement (anhydrous), as well as microcrystalline cellulose. The actual medicines of Impotence problems various the chemical components that impact their achievement. Within yourself, your critical that a person with all the Ed desires the medical help before truly obtaining any medicine.

Vigrx Plus Is Clinically Approved | Vigrx Plus Penis Enlargement Pills

Medical treatment reviews uncovered that you have a song inside prescription drugs associated with Erectile dysfunction that are not suitable for other Vigrx Plus Ingredients of medicine including the dinitrate of nitroglycerin and isosorbide, that will be aspects of the issues of middle and medications of discomfort associated with footwear. The inside results of the medicine associated with ED usually include the giddiness, the pins and needles, the acid reflux, and also the sudden poor vision. Therefore, that situations occur, a person of drugs of Erectile dysfunction must obtain the medical attention straight away.

vigrx plus clinically approved

Also, in the tablets are intended for the preferred doctors as well as medically examined as well as searched for. You should not fail along with pills of Genuine Vigrx Plus Pills. Obtaining your self-confidence behind after the usage of the tablets in this improvement associated with the penis is a need you should make. You’ll be astonished at the 1st week using it.